How a Digital Agency Can Help with the Website Basics

If you’re considering setting up a business website online, then you may be wondering what’s involved and how a digital agency goes about taking an idea and turning it into a fully functional site.

There are many different types of businesses, which means that each website is individual, but there are several key areas that are essential no matter what the size or functionality of your website. These four essentials are domain name, website hosting, web design and website copy.

When you get a professional to set up your site, they’ll help take care of the following aspects to get your site up and running:

Domain Name

A domain name is essentially an online address – it’s what they type into a browser window in order to reach your website. To create a website, you need to have an address at which to build it, so one of the very the first steps when developing a website is to register a domain name. This can essentially be whatever you like, but most businesses will opt for using their business name. If you’re registering an Australian business you can use a .com domain, or you may decide to use a domain name, to reflect the fact that your business is based in Australia.

Website Hosting

Every website is made up of a series of files that outline what the site contains, what images it displays, how it looks and what it does. These files need to be stored somewhere, which is what web hosting does. A web host offers users a certain amount of bandwidth and storage space, as well as things such as security certifications (for eCommerce websites). All your site information is stored on their servers and from there can be seen by customers globally via the web. It’s often refered to as real estate on the internet.

Website Design

Web design is about creating a website that is engaging, contains relevant and interesting content, is visually appealing and offers all the functional aspects you require of your site. If you have a basic informational site with a contact form for customers to get in touch, then your layout will be pretty straight forward. On the other hand, if you have an ecommerce site with products, descriptions, shopping carts and payment processing options, the layout and design can become quite complicated. A good website designer will make sure that all your design elements are consistent throughout the site, as well as easy to find and navigate through to make the user experience a positive one.

Website Copy

More and more website designers have connections with writers who can provide website copy that is both engaging for readers, but with the SEO elements needed to attract the search engines.

Engaging a professional digital agency will ensure that your site is set up without any hiccups. They will take you through each aspect you require, from domain registration, to hosting to design – so that you have a complete site that is functional, interesting and easy to use.

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