Expertly customised for high traffic.

The client

Creating healthy, functional and purely delicious foods is where The Healthy Chef’s Teresa Cutter stamps her mark. The Healthy Chef provides recipes for optimum health and wellbeing.


The challenges

Punch Buggy completed a digital audit of The Healthy Chef website and found it was hard to find their range of products due to pages being too cluttered. With too many steps in the purchasing process conversions weren’t following through. Punch Buggy were tasked with finding a way to increase website conversions.

How we did it

The solutions

Menu structure

A drop down menu was created to show all product categories in one easy to navigate view, perfect for customers searching for specific products and categories.

Strategic page filters

We tailored the shop product pages so that they could be easily filtered, offering a clean layout and visual direction.

DHL integration

Order information is sent directly to DHL using a custom integration, allowing for orders to be shipped within hours of ordering.

User experience

The number of steps to purchase was reduced by 25% to cater for returning customers, including the ability to store credit cards for ultimate user convenience.

Mobile first design

Knowing recipes were a popular feature on the website, we knew they had to be easily accessed on a mobile device. The designs were crafted using a mobile first approach, consisting of beautifully clean layouts and clear, simple functionality.

The Healthy Chef Website on Mobile

Menu Structure

The menu structure is straightforward. We wanted it to be apparent to the user where they needed to navigate to find what they needed or were looking for.

The Healthy Chef Menu Screen

Highly customised

This highly customised eCommerce store includes a loyalty rewards program, abandoned cart feature and the functionality for gift certificates, all focused on delighting customers.The Healthy Chef Shopping Cart

The results

A beautifully functional, highly customised eCommerce store catering for the traffic volume experienced on the website daily.


The App

Punch Buggy was tasked to create an app for users to access healthy recipes and step by step cooking instructions. The app needed to be easy to navigate, user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. We achieved a beautiful, easy to navigate app which has over 170 recipes.

How we did it

With a company so passionate about health and wellbeing we knew we needed to reflect this in the app. By uncovering the needs of the user we developed a digital platform they could use in their everyday lives. There were a lot of different functionalities we needed to create for the client to have a successful app including the ability to have in-app purchases.

The multi-platform app is content manageable, with all content available to the user offline.