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Shopify Magic Media Generation to Increase Conversion Rates

Good product page visuals can significantly boost conversion rates by leveraging psychological principles. Think about how you can set a different tone with mood shots and create real-life scenarios that allow users to envision themselves using the products in situ, or just replacing the product image background with a better contrasting colour.

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eCommerce UX Audit Example Website Teardown

Fjällräven is a worldwide company originating in Sweden. They produce quality apparel and are world-renowned for their backpacks – particularly the Kånken. Fjällräven Australia came to Punch Buggy to produce a User Experience (UX) audit on the Australian Fjällräven website.

The purpose of a UX audit is to provide suggestions for changes to the website that will improve the overall user experience and ultimately help lift e-commerce conversions. During the website audit, we used a combination of heuristic evaluation, Google Analytics data analysis and behaviour tracking software to identify website visitor pain points and create an ideation roadmap for site improvements and A/B test hypothesis.

We’ve put together this UX Audit extract to give you an idea of the process and what goes into an e-commerce UX audit when you work with an eCommerce CRO agency.

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Unlock Hidden Margins to Increase Your Shopify Store Profit

When it comes to improving your Shopify store profit, we see a lot of eCommerce brands and business owners getting fixated on increasing their conversion rates, whether it be their online store eCommerce conversion rate, their paid advertising or email marketing etc. 

There are a lot of things that influence online conversion rates. It can be direct competitors running a big weekend clearance sale, seasonality such as black Friday or Xmas, covid lockdowns and even page speed can all cause fluctuations with your store’s conversion rate.

With a metric that’s this variable, where else can you look to optimise your margins and ultimately improve your Shopify store profit?

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