Digital revitalisation through improved usability and an eCommerce consolidation.

The client

The Healthy Mummy provides a set of online tools for mums wanting to lose baby weight in a healthy, sustainable way. It was founded by Rhian Allen as a support group in 2010 and has since grown into a large network of over 200,000 mums in the main Facebook community. The Healthy Mummy provides recipes, meal-planning tools, exercise information and programs, as well as advice. We have worked with The Healthy Mummy on both their website and their web based application.


The agency brief

Punch Buggy was tasked to digitally revitalise The Healthy Mummy website, enhancing user satisfaction, improving the usability and performance of the website and consolidating a disjointed and confusing eCommerce system.

“Our site is confusing for both users and store administrators. We need a site that has great usability in both the front and back end, that handles our product sales and subscriptions seamlessly, that works beautifully across mobile and desktop, and that can scale with our business and improve online sales”.

How we did it

The solutions


Mobile first design

The website was designed using a mobile first methodology and 75% of the store’s revenue now comes from transactions on mobile devices.


eCommerce integration

We streamlined, customised and redesigned the eCommerce system, both front and back-end. Customers have a single point of sale for subscriptions, smoothies, complex product bundles and a digital library, while store managers have a comprehensive customer management and reporting system.


The App

In order to integrate the Healthy Mummy mobile app with the web-based 28 Day Challenge, we built a complete API to allow authentication, complex recipe, meal plan, fitness and weight loss data to be shared seamlessly between the two environments.