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What are the costs for using the new Google Maps?

We have enjoyed a good run of benefits for our clients who are using Google Maps API to embed maps to their websites.

However from July 16 2018, Google Maps has made some changes to all Google Map accounts.  This includes current Google Map users who fall within the `free’ usage too.

Previously a customer could set up an API integration for Google Maps without needing to add credit card details.  However Google has now changed the rules so that all Google Maps accounts need to be linked to a credit card regardless if they fall within the ‘free’ usage levels.

Does this affect me?

Your embedded Google Map integration may be working fine today but Google Maps is slowing switching off all accounts with no credit card details.   So whilst it may not be affecting you right now, all Google Map integration will eventually stop working for all accounts without related credit card details.

It’s worth noting here too that Google has changed pricing and cap levels but if you are currently using a simple static map, you will not need to worry about the cap as these type of maps have no limit and therefore will not incur any charges for using the API integration.

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What’s going on with the iPhone XS Launch Page?

On the 21st of September, Apple unveiled their brand new flagship phone – iPhone XS. Available in two sizes, with the same edge-to-edge display as the previous iPhone X, Apple has made another leap in mobile phone technology, bundling new features and technology into the same sized handsets as the last year. Alongside the XS phones, Apple also released the lower-cost XR model, which still sports the super quick A12 processor and exceptional new wide-angle angle lens of its higher-end siblings.

That’s stuff you can read about on almost every new site. Let’s talk websites instead: Apple have launched a new splash page to go with the new iPhone and it’s pretty great.

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