What are the costs for using the new Google Maps?

We have enjoyed a good run of benefits for our clients who are using Google Maps API to embed maps to their websites.

However from July 16 2018, Google Maps has made some changes to all Google Map accounts.  This includes current Google Map users who fall within the `free’ usage too.

Previously a customer could set up an API integration for Google Maps without needing to add credit card details.  However Google has now changed the rules so that all Google Maps accounts need to be linked to a credit card regardless if they fall within the ‘free’ usage levels.

Does this affect me?

Your embedded Google Map integration may be working fine today but Google Maps is slowing switching off all accounts with no credit card details.   So whilst it may not be affecting you right now, all Google Map integration will eventually stop working for all accounts without related credit card details.

It’s worth noting here too that Google has changed pricing and cap levels but if you are currently using a simple static map, you will not need to worry about the cap as these type of maps have no limit and therefore will not incur any charges for using the API integration.

However if you have anything other than simple embedded maps such as Dynamic Maps or Maps with Street View, you will need to factor in the increased cost and options available.

But for the majority of clients embedding Google Maps, there should be no costs for using the Google Map service on their website.

What do I need to do?

Google Maps is a widely used map software by customers and businesses alike so the benefits of embedding Google Maps to websites is undeniable.

Now is the time to get your Google Map account in order.

If you do not know your Google Map account details, you will most likely need to start from scratch and send through a new API key to your web developer.

What is Google Maps API Key?

The google maps API key allows your site to gain integration access or plug in to the Google Maps functionality.

How to get a Google Maps API key?

The process of setting up a Google Map account and getting an API key is not complicated, it should only take a few minutes.  Here is a guide for you to follow to help you get a new API key set up. Please have your billing details handy.

Step 1- Create Your Account

  1. Go to Google Maps Platform
  2. Press on `Get Started’

Google Maps Platform Login

3. Select all map options in the Enable Google Map Platform window. Then click `Continue’

Enable Google Map Platform

  1. Name your Project ie/ name of your website and press Yes after you have read the agreement. Then Click `Next’

Google Map Select a project

Step 2 – Create a Billing Account

  1. Click on `Create billing account’.  It will first invite you to set up a cloud account then request full account details including your credit card details.

Google Maps- Test Project

6. This step requires you to create a cloud platform before you can set up a new google maps API account.  Once you have agreed to the T & Cs, you will be taken to the billing details page.

Google Maps- Try Cloud Platform

Step 3 – Get Your API Key

  1. You will then need to Enable Google Maps Platform.  Click `Next’

Google Maps- Enable Your API

7. Your API Key will then be displayed on the screen.  Please copy this key exactly as it is and send it to your developer to reinstate your new Google Map integration with your new API details.

Google Maps- All done

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