To Like or to Follow? The Guide to Facebook Business Pages

You may have noticed there are two types of actions you can take towards Facebook Business Pages. One, you can “like” the page. Or two, you can “follow” the page. But what is the difference? And how does each different action affect your news feed or your own business page?

To like

By liking a page on Facebook, you will also automatically follow the page.

  • This page’s updates may appear in your news feed.
  • This page will appear underneath the About section of your profile.
  • Your profile may appear to other users, showing them you have liked that page.

In short, by choosing to like the page, you are showing your support for that page.

To follow

By following a page on Facebook, the following will happen:

  • This page’s updates may appear in your News Feed.
  • This page may appear underneath the About section on your profile.

The difference

The only real difference here is the support you are showing for that page.

It’s important to note, that by liking a page and then “unfollowing” it, you will see content from that page in your news feed less. This will mean you may miss important news from this page.

In conclusion, the difference between the two is minimal. We will leave it up to you to decided what action you will take!

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