Social Media Timeline Infographic

Social media is forever changing.

In our infographic below, we take a look back over the past 18 years to see how our social channels have evolved and where we are at today.

1999 – MSN Messenger

MSN Messenger was a widely popular instant chat service. In 2009 it had 330 million users each month. The service is now discontinued.

2003 – Skype, LinkedIn, Myspace

Skype has over 300 million active users.

LinkedIn has over 100 million active users. 32% of employed adults use the service.

Myspace was purchased by Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group for $35 million.

2004 – Facebook, Flickr

Facebook is the leading social network and holds an 18% market share. There are over 1,590 million active users and 40 million small business pages.

In 2011, Flickr had over 6 billion images.

2005 – Bebo, YouTube

2/3 people watch YouTube and TV at the same time. In February 2016 YouTube’s market share went up 21.78%

2006 – Twitter

There are 320 million active accounts. Twitters revenue was $2.22 billion in 2015. In February 2016 Twitter’s market share went down 4.99%

2007 – Tumblr

Tumblr has over 555 million active members. In February 2016 Tumblr’s market share went down 1.34%

2010 – Instagram, Pinterest

Instagram has over 400 million active users. 90% of these users are under 35 years old. 95 million photos and videos are shared daily.

Pinterest has over 100 million active users. 71% of these users are women.

2011 – Snapchat, Google+

Snapchat has over 200 million active users with 8,796 photos shared every second.

Google+ had 10 million active users 2 weeks after launch. After one month it reached 25 million users.

2014 – Slack

When Slack launched it had 16,000 users. It now has 5 million daily active users, with 1 million users logged in simultaneously. Slack’s annual recurring revenue is estimated at $100 million.

Social Media Timeline infographic

Social Media Timeline Infographic

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