Jones Lang LaSalle

Keeping JLL shopping centres at the forefront of digital.

The client

JLL is an investment management company specialising in real estate. We manage the entire digital portfolio of 10 JLL shopping centre websites from all around Australia. Working closely with the centre management teams, we carry out daily management tasks, website builds and innovative new features and functionality.

Shopping destinations.


User engagement competitions

Top Ryde City

A digital scorecard was developed for players using a mini golf course set up within the centre. The application was built with a simple functionality so that users could easily operate it from their devices.

After seeing the success of the scorecard, further digital campaigns and competitions were implemented, including a Collective Cookbook and a 2 for 1 lead generation campaign where users gave their email address in exchange for a free lunch.

All of these campaigns were designed to encourage engagement inside and outside of the centre.


Interactive leasing map

Strathpine Centre

An interactive map was implemented on the website’s Casual Mall Leasing page. The map allows users to visualise the leasing spaces available, select the space they wish to book and proceed by filling out a form.

This modernised process allows for all of the necessary information to be gathered by the Casual Leasing Executive for easier vetting of applicants, whilst also offering a positive experience for the user.


Real time cinema information

Forest Hill Chase

User-centre experiences were created by feeding real time movie information to the Forest Hill Chase website. Using the Hoyts API (application programming interface), users are able to book current screenings at Hoyts Forest Hill Chase.


Personalised content

Brimbank Shopping Centre

Understanding the importance of giving users the information they need, when they need it most, time of day personalisation functionality has been built into the Brimbank Shopping Centre website.

Personalised content can be delivered to users in relation to centre and store opening times. For example, at midday, the message “Drop by for a bite to eat” can be set to appear, also showing a selection of featured stores open with lunch options. “Grab your breakfast here” can be shown to those early risers browsing the website in the morning.


Site search functionality

Clifford Gardens Shopping Centre

A site search functionality we implemented for Clifford Gardens offers ultimate convenience for the user using predictive search. It’s enhanced further in regards to search terms and keywords. If a user is searching for “coffee” the relevant stores will come up, even if they don’t have the word “coffee” in their name!


Custom social feed

Figtree Grove

A custom social feed aggregator was integrated into the website, blending social content from multiple retailer social accounts. The individual posts are displayed on Figtree Grove’s Social page.


Landing page creation

Greensborough Plaza

A new landing page was implemented to explore The Village Green, a refreshed level at Greensborough Plaza. The landing page showcases Level 1 stores, events and offers, giving the user the ability to filter between categories for optimal user experience and ease of navigation.


HTTPS Migration

Waverley Gardens

The Waverley Gardens website was migrated over to use the HTTPS protocol for enhanced security, including encryption, data integrity and authentication.

The website underwent configuration changes to support and use SSL. Internal website links and paths were all 301 redirected and the website was updated accordingly in Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics.


Branded centre map

Warrawong Plaza

Accurate centre map data is present on the website, complete with custom branding featuring the centres specific colours. The map is integrated using the Micello API.

A visual of the centre allows Warrawong Plaza’s visitors to easily navigate their way around, as well as identify the closest car park to their stores of choice.