Outside The Box Websites

So you’re looking to get yourself a custom website? There are many businesses and individuals in the world who can create you a website, but how do you know that you’ll get not only what you need but also what will make your business run more smoothly.

Out of The Box Websites

The majority of websites on the market are what we in the industry call “out of the box websites”. This means that a website building product called a content management system (CMS) has been installed and used to create your website for you. The advantage of creating a website in this manner is obvious; it reduces the cost significantly. It also allows other businesses, such as graphic designers, to create websites where their skills are more focused on the design than the complexities of coding. Most of all, it allows yourself, the client, to edit and manage the web pages yourself.

Custom Websites

At the other end of the spectrum is the custom built website. This development technique is often used by large corporations to create a website to their exact needs. The cost of building a custom website is higher as it requires the time of highly skilled developers to produce what you require.

Outside The Box Websites

At Punch Buggy we create what we call “outside the box websites”. Where possible we utilise all the advantages of using out of the box content management systems to reduce the cost of creating your unique website. The difference that we offer is that we have highly skilled developers in-house. Our developers can customise your CMS further to provide functionality that it cannot achieve out of the box. This enables us to provide you with a solution to cater and meet your specific business requirements.

So if you think the custom website you want is out of your budget give us a call and ask for an outside the box website.

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