Shopify Magic Media Generation to Increase Conversion Rates

Good product page visuals can significantly boost conversion rates by leveraging psychological principles. Think about how you can set a different tone with mood shots and create real-life scenarios that allow users to envision themselves using the products in situ, or just replacing the product image background with a better contrasting colour.

We consistently achieve a +2% increase in average revenue per user by conducting A/B product page tests that apply variations of the above methodology. How, by driving positive responses through imagery and reducing the cognitive load that effectively enhances user engagement.

In the hyper-competitive e-commerce space, it’s crucial to have product images that get people’s attention. They form the first impression of your products and are a large contributing factor in converting an online sale. However, this can be challenging, particularly for small businesses that may not have access to a dedicated creative resource and equipment to create professional-quality visuals.

Well…thank you for the innovative features Shopify are constantly building into its platform, you can say hello to Shopify Magic media generation! This sophisticated AI image editor can remove or replace image backgrounds and is seamlessly integrated into the media section of products within the Shopify Admin. Anyone can now create stunning product images without the need for expensive editing software or professional photographers.

What is AI Media Generation and How Does it Work?

The magic media generation is part of the Shopify Magic which is an entire suite of AI tools to help you optimise your e-commerce operations. This secret weapon for creating impressive product images leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to unlock a world of creative possibilities only limited by your imagination.

Key Features of Shopify Magic Media Generation

Image Background Removal: Eliminate distracting image backgrounds to focus solely on your product. Perfect for situations where a cluttered background detracts from the product itself and for creating a consistent background colour across your product line.
Image Scene Generation: Create entirely new background scenes for your product images. By providing descriptive keywords or phrases, Shopify Magic’s AI can generate scenes that complement your product or place it in situ. Imagine displaying your sunglasses on a tropical beach or your cosy blanket in a winter wonderland, all without a photo shoot!

Get Started with Shopify Magic Image Editor

Ready to get creative with your product images? Follow these steps:

Access Shopify Magic

Log in to Shopify: Navigate to your Shopify admin panel and head to the “Products” section.
Select Your Product: Choose the product you want to edit.
Open the Image Editor: Click on the image you want to work with, then click the “Edit” button to open the image editor window.

Background Removal (Optional)

Enhance Background: If your product has a distracting background, click the “Enhance background” icon in the image editor.
Fine-Tune Selection: Shopify Magic will analyse the image and automatically select your product. You can adjust the selection by clicking on areas to include or exclude from the product selection.
Apply: Once satisfied, click “Apply” to remove the background, leaving a clean, transparent cutout of your product image.

Pro Tip: Opt for a solid colour background for a simple, clean presentation. For showcasing your product in a specific environment, proceed to scene generation!

The Magic of Scene Generation

Create unique and engaging product scenes without photography or design expertise. Here’s how:

Use Scene Generation

Replace Background: After removing the background (or if you already have a transparent background), click the “Replace background” button in the image editor.
Choose Background Type: Select “Scene” for creative scene generation.
Craft Your Scene Description: Enter descriptive keywords and phrases representing the scene you envision.

Tips for Effective Scene Descriptions

Be Specific: Provide detailed descriptions. Instead of just “beach,” try “tropical beach with white sand, turquoise water, and swaying palm trees.”
Focus on Product Use: Imagine the context of your product’s use. Describe the environment, relevant props (like a beach towel for sunglasses or a steaming mug for a cosy blanket), and the overall mood (relaxing, adventurous, etc.).
Use Action Verbs: Add dynamism to your description with action verbs like “woman wearing” or “person holding.”

Pro Tip: Play around with ways to make your images stand out in product listings such as the Google Shopping advertising space, which can help increase your click-through rate.

Generate Your Scene

Let the AI Work: Click “Generate” to let Shopify Magic create a unique scene based on your description.
Select Your Scene: Review the variations generated and choose the one that best represents your vision.

Pro Tip: Experiment with different scene descriptions to explore a variety of generated options. Combine elements from various scenes to create your ideal product image.


With Shopify Magic media generation, creating professional and captivating product images has never been easier. By leveraging AI-powered features like background removal and scene generation, you can enhance your product visuals making them more appealing to your potential customers and ultimately boosting your stores e-commerce conversion rates.

Ready to help your visitors envisage themselves using your products? Dive into Shopify Magic today and see the transformation!

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