Australian Mobile Trends

We take a look at some of the mobile trends in Australia. Did you know, 81% of people start doing a task on one device, but complete the task on another?

Review the statistics in our infographic below, and see how you can apply this information to your website and digital strategy today.

  • Where online consumers purchase
    55% in the bedroom
    46% in a bus, car or train
    37% in the kitchen
  • People search before purchasing!
    37% use their smartphone when they are looking to purchase a car
    35% use their smartphone to find a tradesman
    22% use their smartphone to open a new band account, mortgage or loan
    20% use their smartphone to buy or renew insurance
  • The trends
    86% of people use their phone to find directions or contact details for a business.
    74% of people rely on their phones more than, or as much as, their desktops when looking for inspiration and ideas.
    68% of people will use their iPhones whilst in store to search a product.
    55% of people will reach for their device when facing an unexpected situation.

Australian Mobile Trends infographic

Australian Mobile Trends Infographic


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