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Xero Development

We specialise in custom development for Xero, connecting it with a wide variety of eCommerce websites, systems and platforms. Streamline your internal processes and get real-time visibility into your business.


Baobag Xero integration

Baobag are a market research company that provide free product samples to mums at various stages of their motherhood journey. Baobag wanted to provide better communication with their partner brands around the results and feedback that Baobag received from Mums. They also wanted to communicate what was required from the brand themselves to get the samples out to market.

As part of a large digital transformation Punch Buggy have created a dashboard in CraftCMS that allows their brand partners to see real time information and results from the market research. It also allows marketing managers to see when deliveries of product samples need to be sent to Baobag and for the accounts team to see when invoices are due. This is where Xero comes in. Each brand in the dashboard is linked to a contact in Xero. Baobag staff can login to the dashboard and see recently paid invoices, invoices that are due and overdue.

The Healthy Chef Xero integration

The Healthy Chef is a large eCommerce store that sells premium health food products. As The Healthy Chef grew in size and their number of online orders increased, handling the accounts was becoming a real headache.

With the help of Punch Buggy and a new accounting team, The Healthy Chef made the transition to Xero from a traditional desktop accounting software. We created an integration with their existing ExpressionEngine & CartThrob eCommerce store. Every order that is placed on the website, and is successful, is automatically created as a contact, invoice and a payment. This means that The Healthy Chef have significantly reduced their book keeping and can now track inventory through Xero. It is also used to run accurate sales reports on individual products and categories of products.