Advanced app functionality for a plant based food brand.

The client

Food enthusiast Taline Gabrielian develops extraordinary, reimagined food creations using plant based, vegan ingredients.

Her wholefoods and wellness recipes can be found on her app, Hippie Lane.


Mobile app

Punch Buggy took over management of the Hippie Lane mobile app in 2017.

We continue to support, maintain and build out new functionality for the plant based food brand. Focusing on improving the UX and keeping users highly engaged.


App of the Day

The Hippie Lane app was featured as the “App of the Day” in Apple’s App Store where it’s downloads gained momentum over that period.

Apps that get featured in the app store are always high quality, universal (meaning they work across all iOS products), updated frequently, fit the Apple brand aesthetic and have an optimised listing. All features beautifully encompassed by Hippie Lane.

Functional across all devices

The app functions beautifully across all devices ensuring return visitors.

Being such an image based brand, we knew the app had to be aesthetically pleasing whilst showing the true allure of Taline’s creations.