Enliven Pittwater

Initial brand conceptualising through to a complete digital ecosystem.

The Client

Enliven Pittwater was an initiative by Pittwater Council to bring vibrancy to the town and village centres. The aim was to showcase the Pittwater region businesses, activities, specials and events, creating awareness and a “buzz” in the villages.

The concept was a brand new initiative that allowed us to take a unique journey with Pittwater Council to design a brand from scratch and build a complete digital ecosystem for the initiative.


Brand Style Guide

A complete style guide was put together for the Enliven Pittwater branding. The design featured brushstrokes and vibrant colours in different combinations to convey diversity and creativity. A branch taken from Pittwater Council’s tree logomark was placed on top to signify the region coming together. The result was eye-catching and flexible branding that successfully led the Enliven Pittwater campaign.


Mobile Apps

Two native mobile apps were developed for iOS and Android. The apps were to increase the vitality and accessibility of retail businesses, events and services around the Pittwater area. Along with creating convenience for Pittwater residents and holidaymakers to find local information such as car parks, ovals, parks, transport info, where to eat, be entertained and other areas of interest.


Enliven Website

The Enliven Pittwater website acted as the main marketing page to learn about the initiative, download the mobile apps and for businesses to register their information on the app.


Web Application

The web application was the central database for the mobile apps. It had multiple API’s that fed different data sources to the mobile apps. It also integrated with other 3rd party systems such as Campaign Monitor for email automation and email marketing capabilities.

Every bit of information in the mobile apps were content manageable via the custom web application.


Business in Pittwater Website

Business in Pittwater was developed as an online resource hub for business owners wanting information on starting and running a business, knowledge about the Pittwater region economics, as well as news and events. It was integrated with the Enliven Pittwater app to pull business information and serve as a business directory.


Business Listings

Businesses could easily create and manage their listings. They also had the ability to add events and offers that would show up in the app, and the opportunity to be featured in other channels.


Event Workshops

Punch Buggy team members ran a series of workshops with Pittwater Council to help create awareness of the apps and to educate local business owners on how they could leverage the app to promote their business and gain maximum exposure on the app.


Marketing campaigns

Inspiring campaigns were created to drive people to the Enliven Pittwater digital platforms, allowing them to discover the app and encouraging them to get involved.

Social media marketing
Targeted campaigns were launched on Facebook to build awareness of the apps to local residents. They were also used to target local business owners to sign their business up.

Email Marketing
Custom branded EDM templates were created to communicate with the businesses encouraging them to get involved and to share insights on app performance and upcoming Enliven events.

Print Collateral
Unique signage and exhibits were placed throughout the three Pittwater town centres and on landmarks, creating vibrance and awareness. Other campaign collateral included pull up banners and event flyers.


Campaign Reports

Each month, data and analysis was carried out for the application and digital campaigns. Reports were provided to Pittwater Council staff so they could analyse the results and see the success of the initiative.

Reports on the Enliven Pittwater app were also shared with the local businesses via email and in the form of a short infographic at Enliven events, so business owners could see the benefits of using and uploading their information to the app.

Quote from the Mayor

Pittwater Council recognises the importance of our town and village centres and recognise the role our villages play in connecting community and driving our local economy. Enliven Pittwater aims to enhance these places as well as the experience when working, shopping in and playing in Pittwater.

– Mayor Townsend

Quote from our Co-founder

Enliven Pittwater was a very unique experience that we were blessed to be a part of. We regularly take brands through a digital transformation, but to be such an integral part of the early stages of what was initially a simple idea, then completely brought to life with amazing collaboration from my team and the council, was what we consider a once it a lifetime opportunity which we’re proud of.

– Ryan Fitton