Bluedog Fences

Optimised website performance for Australia's trusted fence systems.

The client

Bluedog Fences are a wholly Australian owned and operated business leading the way in premium, quality fence systems for over 20 years.

Bluedog Fences Feature

What we did

The solutions

Custom website

An easy to navigate website that encompassed the user journey was designed and developed using a strong data driven approach. The content architecture is clean, whilst being visually engaging.

Lead generation

Fence info pack downloadable assets were created to be used as a lead generation tool, allowing Bluedog Fences to capture visitors higher in the sales funnel. This saw a 133% increase in leads generated.

Google AdWords

A strategic campaign was developed on the Google Search and Google Display Network. Remarketing ads are also in place targeting visitors who have previously visited the Bluedog Fences website.

Conversion tracking

Tracking a users digital footprints was essential to understanding the performance of the website. Specific Goals and Events were set up using Google Analytics to track valuable conversions and insights.


Lead generation

Using the inbound methodology, downloadable info packs were created to be used as a lead generation tool on the website. Enticing call to actions were placed on specific fence landing pages for users to download these info packs.

Adding the call to action allowed for leads to be captured who are higher in the sales funnel and not yet ready to make an enquiry to the Bluedog Fences sales team.

The call to action buttons and downloadable info pack assets saw a 133% increase in leads generated from the website.


Google AdWords campaigns

A strong focus has been put in the pay per click advertising space through the use of Google AdWords. Campaigns were set up on the Search and Display Network to drive highly targeted and qualified traffic to the website.

Remarketing Ads have also been put in place to target users who have previously visited the Bluedog Fences website.

There has been tremendous growth in the amount of targeted website visitors and enquiries generated online for Bluedog Fences year on year, with monthly traffic up 300% times since 1st February 2015.

Improved search presence

Using Google AdWords and on page SEO elements, search presence improved resulting in Bluedog Fences being the first organic and first paid listing on the Google Search Results Page for “school security fencing”.

Bluedog Google Search Results