Delighting online with a focus on convenience.

The client

Forest Hill Chase is a major retail shopping centre located in Melbourne. The centre is home to over 200 stores. Forest Hill Chase first opened in 1964 and is now owned by The Blackstone Group.


Forest Hill Chase Feature Image Boys Walking


The challenges

We were tasked with creating a new and improved website for Forest Hill Chase with user experience and innovation at the forefront of mind. Being a shopping centre, the main goal was to generate foot traffic to the centre but we were to also find a way to start the experience to delight online with a focus on convenience.

How we did it

The strategy

Mobile first design

Using a data driven approach to the design, we knew that visitors of website from mobile devices was in the high 70% of users. Knowing this information we designed the website using a mobile first methodology. The website is fully mobile responsive, meaning it automatically adapts to any device screen size whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop. All designs and content decisions were made and optimised for visitors viewing the website on a mobile device as the primary user experience focus.

Website on Mobile Devices

Personalised content

Time of day personalised content was implemented to give accurate real time information to the user in relation to centre and store opening times, keeping the website interesting whilst also delivering the visitor the information they need, when they need it.

Good Morning Message

Website Personalisation Example

Content is set up with early morning hours and the stores that are open at that time.

“We’re open early! Grab your morning coffee here”.


Late Night Shopping Message

Personalised Store Offers

On Thursdays, a “Late Night Shopping” message is displayed along with the centres late night hours.

Content is also set to show specific offers instead of stores.

Real time cinema information

To achieve outcomes of convenience and user-centric experiences, we used the Hoyts API (application programing interface) to feed real time movie information of the cinemas current screenings at Hoyts Forest Hill Chase.

Cinema Information Example


Integrated mapping system

Using the Micello API, we integrated accurate centre map data for the Forest Hill Chase centre stores, allowing visitors to plan their next trip to the centre and identifying the closest car park to their stores of choice.


Branded social feed

We integrated an Instagram feed to match the website and centre branding using the Instagram API, along with the integration of a custom social feed aggregator blending approved social content from multiple social sources to be displayed on the website.



Using ExpressionEngine as the content management system, we made the custom website content manageable enabling centre marketing managers and assistants to update every part of website content with ease.

The results

A highly innovative and dynamic website that knows what the visitor wants and personalises their experience based on the day of the week and time of day. It uses conversational messaging to guide the visitors to the most relevant content to help convenience them, along with giving inspiration and ideas for a delightful shopping experience.