Internet Marketing & SEO - Using Northern Beaches Digital Agency for Business Success

Having a website is not enough for a business to attract attention and generate sales online. In addition to web design, northern beaches based businesses will need a digital plan for marketing their products and services to their targeted audience.

Key elements of a digital plan

Search engine optimisation (SEO):

What good is having a website when it can’t be found on the Internet or in search engines? Visibility is crucial for online business success as potential customers and clients often start the buying process with a search using keywords. SEO addresses this need through a series of steps and techniques aimed at increasing site traffic and improving relevance - important factors which search engines such as Google use to determine search rankings.

Due to Google’s constant modification of its algorithm or internal formula for ranking web pages, no tool or technique can single-handedly boost search rankings. A digital agency can help by creating and implementing the appropriate SEO strategy for a website.

Social media marketing:

The burgeoning population at social sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide vast marketing opportunities for businesses. Continuing development of online tools and interactive applications at these sites help drive new leads and buying traffic to business web pages.

While marketing activities and tools are generally free for Facebook users, they require the expert knowledge of a digital agency in order to harness them for business success. Social media marketing requires maintenance for managing online relationships and business reputation. Companies can assign social media management in-house or engage the services of a digital agency for it.

Content creation:

Internet users go online mainly to find solutions to problems and turn to various types of content for answers. Websites use text, video, images and audio files to attract site visitors and must create fresh content regularly for continuing appeal.

Important elements of text content creation include keyword usage and placement, word count, usefulness or topic relevance, and where necessary, the call to action. It requires SEO article writing skills which a full service digital agency can offer.

Email marketing:

A database of email addresses is a goldmine for any business. Businesses stay in constant touch with existing and potential clients through email newsletters which provide product updates and links to sales pages.

Internet marketing activities require expert skills which may take time to learn. Business owners need not spend valuable time learning and conducting online marketing.

A digital marketing plan can integrate SEO, social media marketing, content creation, list building and implement email marketing strategies so that owners can focus on the important core business activities.

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