Basic Elements of Graphic Design: Website Design Northern Beaches Guide

Internet users are attracted to visually appealing websites which combine text and images to send a specific message to a targeted audience. When planning a website design, northern beaches specialists recommend investing in graphic design services for the header, logo and other image elements.

Graphic design is the creative process behind traditional marketing materials such as posters, brochures, newsletters, logos, business cards, and letterhead. Using computer graphics software, website design northern beaches specialists are able to create text, symbols, images, pages, and layouts, and combine them in a format for communicating a message to site visitors.

Elements of Graphic Design


Web pages contain large amounts of text. How they appear (font type, shape, size and family) contributes to the overall appearance of a web page. Readability is essential and among the numerous fonts available on the Internet, the most readable are sans serif fonts.

San serif refers to font styles without the serif or little hooks that appear on the end of letters. Examples of sans serif fonts are Arial, Geneva, Helvetica, Lucida Sans, Trebuchet and Verdana. Fantasy and cursive fonts such as Copperplate, Monotype Corsiva and Comic Sans MS are generally difficult to read in large chunks and must be used sparingly in the body of web page text content.


Colour attracts attention and is used for setting the theme of a website. Using the colour wheel, website design northern beaches artists can create monochromatic, analogous, complementary, triadic or discordant colour combinations.

Monochromatic schemes use colours of the same hue and are easiest on the eyes. They are used to make a site appear more fluid and cohesive. Analogous colours appear close to one another on the colour wheel while complementary colours are opposites on the colour wheel. Complementary colours appear more striking than other colour schemes and are ideal for subjects that need to stand out.

Triadic and discordant colours are vibrant and shocking, and tend to clash, which is why graphic designers use them only in appropriate situations.


Digital images appear in various formats and the usual types are .jpg, .png, .bmp and .gif. Image size and resolution are essential for headers, logos and other page elements to render well in browsers.

Usability and Navigation:

Navigation and usability are closely connected in web design. Navigation refers to how site visitors get around on a website and relies on a carefully designed structure which enables a user to find other parts of a website. This contributes to usability and promotes longer stays and repeat visits.

Combining visual appeal and good website experience contributes to the success of a business website. Website design northern beaches based services also specialise in graphic, web, brand and custom design to create eye-catching and usable websites.