The Twelve Marketing Ideas of Christmas (Part 1)

It’s time to promote your website and attract those Christmas shoppers with money to spend. We have put together some useful marketing ideas to get your website booming ready for the Christmas rush.

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Testing and Search Engine Optimisation

Testing and search engine optimisation is simply to ensure that you get the most out of your website. Neither your visitors nor the search engines like seeing broken links and errors on your website pages.

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The Web Development

The web development phase of a website project is where it all comes together and before you know it, there you have it a working website. The development could be the smallest or the largest phase of the entire project depending on the functionality required. The good news is that for you busy business owners, it requires the least interaction from you.

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The Web Design

Let’s discuss what we find the most exciting part of a website project, the web design. This is the phase in the web design process that requires the most interaction from the client. It is important to understand what’s required of you during this phase to ensure you end up with a website that represents exactly who you are.

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